The technology company Samsung, in collaboration with Verizon and Qualcomm, established during tests carried out in facilities in Texas (USA) a new world mark for data upload  speed  in a 5G network, exceeding  700 megabits  per second ( mbps),  said  a spokesman for the South Korean firm to the Korea Herald.

According to the spokesperson, although download speeds of multiple gigabits have already been achieved, the  711 Mbps  recorded during the tests represents “the fastest speed that companies have been able to reach when uploading data on the Internet.”

This advance, he explained for the South Korean media, was achieved by using two frequency bands simultaneously instead of one, which allowed them to expand a bandwidth from 200 MHz to 400.

Likewise, the official pointed out that the upload speeds achieved in the experiments will allow users to share videos, images, data and a wide variety of content through the clouds or social networks much more efficiently and quickly, even in densely populated areas. such as busy streets, concert halls, or sporting events.

“For comparison, 700 Mbps is enough to download a 1 Gb movie in 10 seconds,” said the Samsung representative to exemplify the speed of data transfer achieved.