The singer refers to himself as a non-binary gender. That is, he considers himself both a man and a woman immediately.

Men in women’s outfits are becoming more common these days. The other day, extravagant singer Sam Smith told how he wore women’s clothing and received for it from one guy.

At the beginning of his career, Sam tried to reveal his feminine side and most often went in women’s outfits. But at the age of 19, he became a victim of a hate crime. He described the incident in an interview with Out.

Previously, I dyed a lot and wore women’s clothing. But since one guy hit me, I have become easier to dress. Then I began to demonstrate my masculine side more, and my career began to take off. I then decided that I would dwell on this, because it was more convenient and safer,

– Sam shared and noted that he still did not abandon the experiments with the women’s wardrobe.

Also recently, Smith has bewildered the public with a request to talk about him using the pronouns “they / them”.

Changing the pronouns, I felt incredible freedom. Like a mountain with shoulders. But one pain replaced another pain. People don’t like that difference and react with insults,

– said the singer. So far, few people talk about Smith in the plural, but the singer believes that you need to get used to it.

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I believe that living pretense will be much more painful than receiving insults for being real. Better I will bear everything that is pouring on me, but I will not lie to myself. You can’t live like that

– summed up the artist.

Interestingly, with several star mothers, little sons also choose women’s dresses and are happy to wear them to school. For example, the sons of Charlize Theron and Megan Fox. In some photos of star offspring, it’s easy to take for girls. At the same time, the actresses are sure that you can not interfere with the child’s determination of his inner gender.