Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has set up a new ‘smear campaign’ against his friend and colleague Hugh Jackman. The two actors have been making fun of each other (online) for a while. The latest mockery is a real fake spot against an Oscar nomination for Hugh Jackman.

“Hugh Jackman is not his real name, he is Hugh Michael Jackman”

Jackman’s new film The Front Runner, which premieres at the end of November, is well received by critics and is therefore likely to win the prizes at the upcoming Oscar award ceremony. Ryan tries to avoid this with a slander video at any cost.

“The appearance of Hugh Jackman in The Front Runner reminds many people that he should get a prize for it. But before voting starts, people would have to listen to these facts, “says the Deadpool actor in his video, before enumerating a series of false facts.

“Hugh Jackman is not his real name, he is Hugh Michael Jackman. He does talk with a cute accent, but actually he just comes from Milwaukee. “

Ryan goes on for a while, but closes in a positive way with the message that everyone should see the film of his Australian buddy from Milwaukee.