Director Taika Waititi and actor Ryan Gosling met in Los Angeles and, according to sources, discussed two future projects of the New Zealand director – the film comic “Thor: Love and Thunder” and the sports drama “The Next Goal is Victorious”. According to insiders, Waititi offered Gosling a role in one of these films.

In the fourth Thor, an actor can play one of the villains, namely Magog, a huge monster who is one of the most powerful creatures in the Marvel universe. He has strength and longevity far superior to the Thor; able to manipulate heat, flame or shock force; capable of molecular manipulation, levitation. This is an experienced warrior and fencer who has great intelligence and extensive knowledge of ancient and secret wisdom.

The last time Magog appeared on the pages of comics when Thor was Jane Foster. According to rumors, there will also be other villains in the film – the Enchantress and Gorr – the killer of the gods.

Another possible joint project of Gosling and Waititi is a film about the Dutch football coach Thomas Rongen, “The next goal is a victory.” In the early 2000s, he came to Samoa to help the local team prepare for the 2014 World Cup qualifier. Waititi will deal with this picture before returning to the Marvel Cinema Universe. The director will again collaborate with the studio Fox Searchlight, for which he directed the satirical comedy “Jojo the Rabbit.”

In 2020, Waititi will begin filming the movie comic “Thor: Love and Thunder” with Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth in the lead roles. For the sake of the Marvel film, the director suspended work on the adaptation of the Akira manga, which was postponed indefinitely.

Jojo’s Rabbit will be released on October 18.