Russia will send an actress and director to space next week to shoot a film . They will stay in the ISS space station, 400 kilometers above Earth, for almost two weeks. It is the first extraterrestrial film shot.

The American space agency NASA announced last year that it wanted to make a film in the ISS together with actor Tom Cruise . Russia now wants to be the first to carry out such a unique project.

The actress is 37-year-old Yulia Peresild. She plays the lead role in the movie Vizov (The Challenge).

In the film, a spaceman becomes unwell. Unable to return to Earth, a surgeon played by Peresild goes into space to operate on him and save his life. The camera work in the new film is done by Klim Shipenko, who will accompany him to the ISS.

En route to the ISS, Peresild and Shipenko are joined by experienced cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov. Together they will be launched on Tuesday 5 October around 10.55 am (Dutch time). After a little more than three hours of flying, they arrive at the ISS. There are already three Americans, two Russians, a Japanese and a Frenchman living there.

On the night of October 16-17, Peresild and Shipenko must return to Earth.