In the memoirs Inside Out, Demi Moore very openly shared the details of her personal life. A great stir caused the story of the betrayal of Ashton Kutcher. While the actor is unhappy with the release of his ex-wife’s book, Demi is supported by the most important people, including her daughter Rumer.

She praised her mother for her strength and sincerity, which is reflected in the inside-out memoirs.

I am very proud of her vulnerability

– she said. Rumer believes that a huge number of women followed the life of Demi. As a true leader, her daughters are watching her.

I think I really respect her for never exposing herself as a victim in her stories,

Rumer admitted.

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The daughter believes that her mother is responsible for all her actions, and it does not matter if they lead to good consequences or bad ones.

She takes full responsibility, and keep in mind, this is her point of view, her story, and she is the first to talk about it,

– says Willis. According to her, Moore by her own example demonstrates that it is possible to cope with any difficulties. Despite any obstacles, you can be held accountable for your actions and at the same time continue to move forward and be strong.