Rosie Huntington Whiteley is starting in “About Face” a new series released by Quibi.

Rosie Huntington who is 33 year model and also a businesswoman would be staring in the new series which is about beauty “About Face”. This Series “About Face” would be released on Monday, August 10 on Streaming plateform.

In this series “About Face” Rosie would be exploring entrepreneurship that built the famous beauty empires of Jen Aktin, Kylie Jenner, sir John and also some others.

In the Series “About Face” determination and triumph of the different artist would be explored. Sucess stories of famous Makeup Icons would be discussed, their fears and strenths would also be shared by artists.

Rosie would also be serving as an executive producer of the “About Face”

Check out the Trailer for “About Face” New series from Quibi.