The war continues between movie theaters and Netflix.

Netflix had an idea to allow his films to compete at different ceremonies and festivals: to offer them in cinemas despite a setting on line on the platform. A commercial strategy that does not really like in Spanish where the last film of the much appreciated Alfonso Cuarón (The son of man, Gravity …) is simply … boycotted! And for good reason: many cinemas refuse to broadcast this film, which revive the controversy between the traditional model of diffusion of a film and the many upheavals involved a new platform like Netflix. There is no doubt that the war between the operators, distributors and the SVoD service is just beginning …

Roma does not find the way to Spanish halls

In only five Spanish cinemas will be broadcast the latest film by Alfonso Cuarón, Roma. And for good reason: several cinemas have simply refused to broadcast this film stamped Netflix, strengthening the battle between the streaming giant and the middle. It must be said that Netflix is first moving to the small screen and the dissemination in theaters is used only to compete in festivals and competitions. What annoys the actors of the cinema.

In a statement from the Spanish press agency EFE, the head of programming at Yelmo, a chain of cinemas in Spain, spoke on this complete boycott “This film (Roma) in particular does not respect the window of cinema, so we will not broadcast it in our cinema. For us, it is a Netflix movie and this refusal will apply to all the others proposed by the service “.

This decision has something to punish the fans of Alfonso Cuarón: it would be a shame to discover a film so attractive elsewhere than in a movie theater!