The US actor Robert de Niro, targeted by a suspect package like a dozen other detractors of Donald Trump, Friday called on the Americans to respond to this wave of intimidation by participating in the legislative elections on November 6th.

“I thank God that no one was hurt and the courageous and effective police forces that protect us,” said the 75-year-old artist in a statement sent to AFP.

“There is something more powerful than bombs: it’s your ballot. People MUST vote, “he added.

A suspicious package was spotted and neutralized Thursday morning in the offices of its production company, Tribeca Productions, in Manhattan. The package was similar to those sent to former Democratic President Barack Obama or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who each contained an improvised explosive device.

Many other personalities hostile to President Trump, including several Democratic parliamentarians, received comparable packages, which caused no casualties.  

Robert de Niro, a fetish actor by filmmaker Martin Scorsese, has taken part in numerous anti-Trump protests. He even publicly insulted the Republican billionaire in February at the Tony, Broadway awards ceremony.

Nobody claimed to send these parcels and the police launched a manhunt to find the author (s).

This series gave a threatening tone to the political debates ahead of the November 6 elections, which have a test value for President Trump at halfway through his term.