Rihanna no longer shocks people with her bold images – the singer regularly experiments with fashionable novelties and different styles, occasionally causing laughter with her over-size outfits or admiring boldness and successful combinations. The other day the star appeared on the streets of New York in a bright and very romantic image, which came to taste even the most malicious critics of Rihanna’s wardrobe.

Pop star wore a beige jacket without a blouse, revealing a bold tattoo under the bust. Fortunately, Rihanna did not forget to put on her skirt, so the frankness of the dress was limited only by the absence of a bra. But this was enough for the fans to appreciate the singer’s seductive neckline. Internet users write enthusiastic comments about Rihanna and congratulate her on the fact that she finally managed to lose weight. Fans of the girl are confident that Rihanna got in shape only because she resumed her romance with billionaire Hassan Jamil.