To which you will not go for the sake of art………

Rihanna has been living in London for a year now, though, until recently, nobody knew about it. The singer herself revealed a new detail of her life, admitting that moving to the British capital allowed her to finally fall out of the paparazzi’s attention, as it did in Los Angeles and New York. Today, Mirror reported that Rihanna will soon move again to Ossea Island, Essex County, which belongs to music producer Nigel Freud and which the singer rented to record a new solo album.

Rihanna also invited her family there, so she was with her. Recently, she has focused entirely on working on a line of makeup products, collections of clothing and underwear. But now she has time and inspiration for music, ”an insider said.

On the island of Osea is the recording studio Miloco Studios, which for a long time used by various musicians to work on their works. On the island, no one bothers them, in addition, you can reach it only twice a day for 4 hours during the outflow of water.