Singer Rihanna has filed a lawsuit against a beauty salon in Hamburg, Germany, which bears the name ‘Rihana Lami’. This is reported by the German press agency DPA.

According to DPA, lawyers for the R & B singer have filed proceedings with the German patent and trademark office.

The salon owner, Samia El Aidi, is said to have named the case after her niece and daughter, but that is met with resistance from the artist’s lawyers, who have their own cosmetic line.

The lawyers are afraid of confusion among the public and accuse the businesswoman in Hamburg of hitching on Rihanna’s reputation.

According to a spokesperson for the German Trademark Office, the notice of objection has 38 pages.

The owner of the salon and her husband are struck dumb. “We have never tried to become famous through Rihanna, but only through our service,” said El Aidi man. “I’m just a fan of her.”