We came to know that RHONY will not film as they planned for in next week for a delayed season 13 reunion. This is a highlight that for the first time a Real Housewives will not have a reunion.

Bravo confirmed that due to challenging timely manner that is taping the reunion of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY will not take place. Also one of our network workers also informed us that “it’s disappointing to not be able to bring the cast back together, but also on the other hand all the cast and team is happy to have such a high end of finale and are now focusing on the next season.

All the cast is ‘Beyond frustrated’ by the repeated delays and ultimate cancelation of the reunion, and that is why they are still not sure that why the network ultimately pulled the plug on filming a reunion- or then they delayed in the first place.

“they never got clear answers.” By adding more to it, “They just wanted to say their piece to it and move on.” Some women thought that their reunion would might give them a chance to put themselves forward and come together on a single page united as it was necessary for them.”

“but now they feel like they are not going out with excitement but instead they have started feeling shattered. And also they think that nothing has left that the cast was partially dreading the reunion, seeing as they really had “no interest” in rehashing the events more than a year ago. But today at this point the cast feels the need that there will be no closure for themselves and for that fans about next seasons. At the end a lot of questions on the table will be left.

This cancelation came out after the most low-rated season which was VARIETY, in Nielsen’s live and the same day ratings, but the season 13 finale only drew 841,000 viewers as compared to more than 1.1 million viewers in last season last year.

As per the situation was Leah McSweeney posted a video on her Instagram story with her reaction on this news, saying that, ‘ as much as I do feel we have things we all need to talk with each other, I’m also really relieved to not have to talk about things that happened a year ago.’

“At this point it’s a long time ago and it was a rough year all around, in general, “she continued. “and it’s been a season that I feel like has been unfairly torn apart and we all gone through the ringer while it was filming and while it was airing. So now there’s no reunion.”

On the other hand, Eboni K. Williams also shared a post of her custom made reunion dress looked like.

She shared, “Disappointed I won’t get to wear this masterpiece at my first #RHONY reunion.” She also wrote on her IG Story, by thanking the designer. Williams also spoke to media and said a month ago about having the dress made and what she wanted out of the reunion.

As she said that everybody is incentivized to make the reunion happen,” she told media in August, “I’m looking very much forward to this reunion. I think my castmates are, too, because a lot of crap went down this season. And it’ll be great, I think, for everybody to be able to express how they feel, how they felt watching it back. I mean, for me as a newbie, I mean, it was a lot.”