Spoiler: the girl is not very happy about this similarity.

Genetics claim that every person has a double. But  it is much easier for stars to check it out : fans help them in their search with pleasure. So, recently fans of Rihanna found a girl who, like two drops, looks like a star. This is a 23-year-old football player from France Inna Sertalf. 

Inna’s relatives and relatives began to notice a phenomenal similarity back in her teenage years. One of the first to talk about this was her uncle, when she cut her hair. 

As the girl admitted in an interview with BuzzFeed, she is often shy of this similarity and tries not to use it for mercenary purposes. Inna pretends to be a star extremely rarely, for example, in order to get into the club and get a free cocktail in it.

But besides the benefits, this fact brings Inna and inconvenience. For example, fans of Rihanna regularly ask Sertalf to take a selfie with them or write with requests to release quickly. Not everything is going smoothly with Inna and with men.