Renee Zellweger became the heroine of the new issue of New York Magazine and commented on the talk about plastic surgery that started back in 2014.

In 2009, the 50-year-old actress left Hollywood and did not act in films for a long six years. After five years of calm, Zellweger put the audience on the ears with her appearance at the Elle Women in Hollywood ceremony. It was evident that the star’s appearance has changed, that the tabloids do not stop discussing so far. Of course, the only explanation for such changes was unsuccessful plastic.

We are evaluated from the outside as if value judgments can reflect the character – are you strong or weak, are you a real person. All this hints that I need to change in the right direction. It really upsets me. I do not think about my appearance in this vein. I love my quirkiness, my oddities and don’t want to be someone else. I was approved for the film in blue jeans and cowboy boots. I started working like that, I didn’t have to change clothes. So why would I need to fit into an alien framework?

– commented on the rumors and accusations of Rene.

Zellweger and in the past answered questions about operations in this spirit: neither a clear consent, nor a refutation. However, journalists, fans and experts agree that unsuccessful plastic surgery took place, which is easy to see by comparing the photos before and after.

Before and After