It would not go well between Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk. According to The Mirror, the model has packed her bags and left their home in Los Angeles. She is said to have brought their two-year-old daughter Lea De Seine.

“Their relationship has been shaking considerably in recent months”

“Their relationship has been shaking considerably in recent months, which is why Irina thought it would be better for them to distance themselves from each other. But whether that is the solution to reconciliation remains to be seen, because things have not been going well for ages,” thus a source.

Earlier this year there were rumors that the actor had a close relationship with Lady Gaga, with whom he played together in the film A Star Is Born. Their performance during the Oscar ceremony was even labeled by some as ‘uncomfortable’ because the two were very intimate while Irina watched from the first row.

Lady Gaga responded to that via social media: “Yes, people did indeed see love. Because when you sing a love song, it is the feeling that you want to convey to people. That is all.”