Less than six months from its international release, Red Dead Redemption 2 is again showing through a third trailer. We learn much more about the scenario of this new album that will allow players to find the iconic John Marston.

John is back

More than eight years after an episode became cult for many, Red Dead Redemption will know a sequel. This new opus, expected on PS4 and Xbox One on October 26, 2018, was unveiled during a trailer that allows to find the essence of a title necessarily long awaited. Beyond bringing a crude vision of the western and deep America of the late nineteenth century, Red Dead Redemption II will also answer the eternal questions about its protagonist: John Marston.


We also find the latter, younger, which confirms that it is indeed a prequel and not a real suite. We should understand why the hero joined the band at Dutch Van Der Linde in 1899 (twelve years before the first game), and where his scars come from. Attention, in this episode the player will control a new hero, named Arthur Morgan, who will also be part of the Dutch gang and who will certainly have a very close link with John Marston. We hope to play a few moments in this new episode at the E3 scheduled for next June.