The actress has revealed one of her secrets that have allowed her to lose 18 kilos so far this year.

Actress Rebel Wilson has inspired many with her weight loss over the past six months. Now she has revealed one of her secrets to getting in shape.

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Just call me: Fit Amy

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The 40-year-old Australian actress has been showing off her changing figure after hours of dedicated workouts, and now she’s opened up about some of her training secrets, the Mirror newspaper reports.

She said: “Obviously a lot of the TV shows and movies got shut down so what I was going to do was delayed so I’m getting muscular. I am exercising every day. In fact, I was doing all these things outdoors like walking up and down the stairs at the Sydney Opera House. “

Rebel explained that it was “filthy” to sweat. “And then just on the ground doing my sit-ups and push-ups.”

Rebel is believed to have lost more than 40 pounds since the beginning of the year.