Rachel McAdams about the birth of a son: “People say that your life is no longer yours”

Actress Rachel McAdams became a mother . The actress only recently showed a photo of her newborn son , and now she told how she feels in the role of mother.

Rachel McAdams was ready for motherhood and for all the trials that will arise in connection with the birth of a child:

This is the best thing that ever happened to me! People say that your life ceases to be yours, but I lived 39 years for myself, I was obsessed with myself, and now I am glad that I can focus on someone else.

“I want his life to be private, even if mine is not. But I want to say that being a mother is a lot of fun. Everything is interesting, exciting and inspiring. Even in hard days there is something nice and charming.”


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#RachelMcAdams Rachel McAdams takes son on family stroll in LA These pics of Rachel with her son are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen 😍💞

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