R. Kelly has launched a new track on Monday in which he reacts extensively to the many allegations of sexual misconduct at his address. In no less than nineteen minutes’ song ‘I Admit’ the singer confirms that he has made mistakes, but at the same time he denies all accusations.

For years, Robert Kelly, as the musician is called full, is associated with malpractice. Earlier this year, Buzzfeed published a story about a sex cult that Kelly would have built up in his homes in Atlanta and Chicago. The singer would hold several women there and determine, among other things, what and when they eat, when they are allowed to take a shower and whether they can leave the house. He would also have sex that he filmed with them and their mobile phone. The 51-year-old musician has been accused of sexual misconduct in the past.

In the song, Kelly more or less confirms his preference for young women. “I have sex with all women, both older and young. But do not call me a pedophile, because that is ridiculous “, says Kelly. “You may have your opinion, but do I really have to go to jail because of your opinion? Go ahead, stone me, point to me, set the world against me, but only God can silence me. “

Kelly also discusses his alleged sex sect. He calls the accusations “absurd”. “Women who have been brainwashed and kidnapped, who are not allowed to eat. For real? That sounds ridiculous. “