After it was previously known that a third sex tape was found on which R. Kelly sexually abused minors, his lawyer Steve Greenberg now says that the singer denies that he is on the video in question.

“R. Kelly says he does not have any minor girls on any tape, it is said that there is someone in the picture who looks like R. Kelly, but that does not mean that he actually is, and he is not “, Greenberg told TMZ .

He also believed that the troubled singer is currently a kind of target. “Every speculation of Jan, Piet or Kees is immediately accepted as truth.”

The man who came forward with the third sex tape, Gary Dennis, says he has no personal connection with Kelly. He found the VHS tape when he went through his old video tapes and thought he had a band named R. Kelly on it. According to him there would be girls who had to perform sexual instructions from a man who resembled R. Kelly.