Prince Philip’s “forbidden relationships” supposedly put marriage on the edge of the precipice.

Queen Elizabeth’s tenure as queen has not only come with majestic problems, but also with marriage riddles.

According to a new report, the monarch came close to divorcing Prince Philip 63 times in the past, allegedly due to the Philip’s “forbidden relationships”.

Royal commentators have discussed the queen’s marriage for several years in the past, all due to the Philip’s “bachelor lifestyle.”

Narrator Riccardo Mei also spoke of the couple’s marriage during his interview with the Express newspaper, explaining how the queen’s marriage to Prince Philip began to sour from the day of her coronation in 1952.

The pressure of life reportedly pushed the couple to the point of living separately. “1956 marked the beginning of the crisis in their married life.”

“From that year on, the two would lead completely separate lives, he as an unrepentant bachelor and she as a resigned wife, all busy with official commitments.

“According to the tabloids, Elizabeth came close to breaking up 63 times. The figure is matched by the many rumors about Philip’s forbidden relationships. “

While the Duke of Edinburgh has been accused of being a “bad influence”, no evidence of wrongdoing or infidelity has emerged during his 65 years of service to the crown.

Royal expert Valeria Palumbo maintains that fidelity is not the queen’s main requirement for a spouse. “The marriage to Philip was, on the part of Elizabeth II, certainly a love marriage.”

“He didn’t have a penny but he had all the right titles, a man who also respected his duties. It has always been said that Elizabeth did not require loyalty, but loyalty. “

It was through his loyalty to the crown that the prince consort was able to cement his place in the royal fold. For, after all, “Loyalty is not an immaterial element, in the sense that Philip has adhered to a label that, for example, demands that the queen’s husband always be one step behind, since she is the sovereign. But he certainly did not reward her faithfully. “