Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 96th birthday on Thursday and received a very special gift on that day. Dollmaker Mattel had a barbie doll made that looks exactly like her: the doll wears a beautiful ivory-colored dress with blue ribbon and the tiara that Elizabeth wore on her wedding day.

Of course, Queen Elizabeth already has everything she could wish for, so coming up with an original birthday present isn’t that easy. We suspect that Mattel has quite hit the mark, because how many people can now say that they have a Barbie doll of their own?

The doll was made in honor of the 70th anniversary of the government, which the British will celebrate in June this year. The Barbie, which was launched on Elizabeth’s birthday, is part of Mattel’s so-called ‘tribute’ collection. With this collection, the company wants to pay tribute to ‘visionary individuals who have an extraordinary impact and legacy’. Actress Lucille Ball also received her own tribute Barbie doll.

It must have been difficult for Elizabeth to celebrate her birthday this year without her husband, Prince Philip. He passed away in April last year. A memorial service was recently held for him.