Britain’s capital city, London and Manchester, terrorist organization PYD / PKK sympathizers occupied the train stations.

chanting slogans against Turkey in the hands of a terrorist organization leader Abdullah Ocalan posters bearing the PYD / PKK sympathizers, it was cause paralysis of life in London and Manchester for hours. 

The sympathizers who repeatedly confronted the British police by taking the plunge invaded King’s Cross in London and Piccadilly train stations in Manchester. 

PYD / PKK sympathizers, with pieces of cloth, symbolizing the hands of terrorist organizations in Turkey and the foreign exchange Olive Branch Operation target vehicle. 

Terrorist supporters, who ignored the warnings of the security forces, caused the families traveling with their children to flee away from the area. Because of the occupation of train stations traffic and public transport took place for hours. 

The Piccadilly train station in Manchester was closed for about 3 hours and then reopened at 16.00 local time. 

Mark Cleland, a British transport policeman, said in a statement on the subject, “Those involved in the aftermath of the afternoon will be subject to heavy scrutiny, detention and prosecution.” expression.