Surfing on a certain success, the developers of the game PlayerUnknow’s Battlegrounds, PUBG, for the intimates, launched a new mode. It is unveiled in a trailer, and it is called “War”.

For those who have not had internet access in recent weeks, PUBG is a hit game, as Fortnite also its “competitor” direct. It has conquered many gamers, both on PC and smartphone, where it was launched more recently. The mode of the Battle Royale integrated in the game is also not foreign to this success.

A new mode that was not officially announced at first

And the game pleases by its realistic side, which is another asset of the game But here, the competition is tough, especially from Fortnite. And in this regard, not sure that gamers are most loyal in the video game industry. This explains the decision of the developers of the game, which therefore propose a novelty.

In a surprising way, this new mode did not benefit from an official announcement at first. It was then available only partially personalized. But this temporary mode has just been formalized recently.

War, a mode as attractive as the Battle Royale?

This new mode fills gaps in the Battle Royale format, which does not really allow you to progress by training, which many gamers regretted. Indeed, the Battle Royale mode does not allow reappearance.

But with War, things will be different. Three teams, consisting of ten players, will face each other in a specific part of the Erangel card. But this time, if you happen to die, you do not go through the hub of the game. We see you again in the parachute.

Bluehole, the publisher of the game, therefore focuses on a phenomenon that works pretty well right now, namely the temporary modes on games. By infusing new features to PUBG, the developers of the game hope to counter the insolent success of Fortnite. The coming days will tell us if this War mode has won the hearts of gamers or not.