If anyone can handle being followed with suspicion by the British press, it is Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. That’s what Priyanka Chopra, a good friend of Meghan’s, says in an interview with The Sunday Times. 

The two met a few years ago at a dinner for women on television. They became friends with their shared interest in activism, feminism, racism and their desire to improve the world.

“Meghan is a forward-thinking, modern woman. She is what the world is looking for – a “self-made woman,” Chopra says of the British royal. But the Bollywood star is also very aware of the way the British press talks about her girlfriend. “Of course it has to do with racism, that’s a clear reason.”

Yet Chopra thinks Meghan hasn’t changed a bit because she is now part of the British royal family. “The great thing is that Meghan has remained completely himself in all this hectic pace. Many people only met her when she started dating Prince Harry, but I knew her before and after and she is the same woman. ”