The Prince Harry accepted the apology and damages “substantial” from a news agency on celebrities who had broadcast pictures of a country house where he was staying, said Thursday Buckingham Palace .

These photos, taken in early January from a helicopter by the agency Splash News, showed in particular part of the interior of this residence, located in the Cotswolds, picturesque region of the west of England. According to the British press, the house was rented by the prince and his wife Meghan .

Their publication in The Times , among others, “seriously compromised the security” of the couple, said Thursday Gerrard Tyrrell, the lawyer of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II , in front of the London High Court, according to a court document sent by the palace. Harry and Meghan, who had chosen this home because of the “high level of privacy it offered,” are now “no longer able” to occupy it, he said.

The prince accepted the apology

Following a lawsuit by the prince, the agency Splash “agreed to pay a substantial amount in damages and court costs, and apologized” to Harry, he added, qualifying “Paparazzi” agency splash.

The prince, much followed by the press specializing in celebrities as many members of the royal family, has on his side accepted these excuses, added the Buckingham Palace, in his statement.

Harry and Meghan currently live at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor Castle , about 40 kilometers west of London, where they raise their first child , Archie, born May 6.