The actress’s stylist says that she has not tried this color yet.

Lucy Hale attracted attention with an update in her image: the actress dyed her hair and joined the ranks of redheads. With her new hair color, she was seen in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon when she went to lunch with her best friend Annie Breiter.

Lucy’s image was also told by her stylist on her Instagram. She posted a shot of the transformed Hale and wrote:

Lucy already had every possible color, but there was no red. My little color heart is pretty and now we know that this girl looks great with any hair color. Thank you for trusting me.

In response, Lucy wrote:

I’ve always had the audacity of redheads in me, so that suits me

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In August, there were rumors that Lucy was dating Bachelor star Colton Underwood. The celebrities were seen together more than once, and the source said that they went on dates several times and that Colton was at Lucy’s house. However, in a fresh interview, Colton spoke about his personal life and called himself lonely.

I consider myself lonely. Happy lonely. I am in a relationship with myself. I decided that I want to direct my attention and energy to myself, and I really like it. Although it sounds strange and wild,

He explained.

Lucy also recently stated that she is “happy in her solitude.” The actress noted that during the quarantine she revised her attitude towards the guys.

I felt more alone than ever before. But it normal. During the quarantine, I did everything alone. Before, I hated being alone. I realized that I would agree to meet someone only if he made me even happier, because I am already happy alone now,

– said the actress.