And yet it holds. Megan Markle’s recent public outlets gave the general public an opportunity to discuss not only her outfits, but also a new habit. Users on the net are increasingly paying attention to the fact that the Duchess of Sussex is constantly holding her stomach. So it was at the Fashion Awards 2018, on the Australian couple tour, on walks and even in the early months of pregnancy, when the belly was almost not visible. Of course, the criticism of Megan was not long in coming.

Some admirers sided with the duchess and explained her manner with the instinctive desire to protect the child and just hide from the intrusive looks. Others feel annoyed and criticize Markle for the fact that she, on the contrary, is trying to attract additional attention. Argument to their position is the fact that Megan held herself by the stomach, even in early pregnancy and does not cease to emphasize her position now. One of the users wrote: “I’m not sure that this is a natural gesture, and not an ordinary posing.” He was supported by other commentators: “My friend had twins, but she didn’t clutch her belly at every opportunity,” “She does it on every photo, she’s tired of watching,” “Megan, we know that you’re pregnant, stop it.”

The Duchess’s defense was expressed by Lesley Gilchrist, co-founder of the obstetric organization My Expert Midwife, who said: “This is a completely natural desire for pregnant women to touch their stomach and feel connected to their baby. Although most women begin to feel tremors only by the 20th week, for some people everything starts much earlier. ”