Ashley Graham (31) should never have dreamed of it, but it nevertheless succeeded: she walked with her baby belly on the Tommy Hilfiger catwalk. She looks back on this special evening on Instagram.

“But it was really an honor for us to be here”

Ashley Graham let us know on Instagram that she thought it was very special to be pregnant during a fashion show. She thanks Tommy Hilfiger and his team for this opportunity. “I am so grateful and proud that I was allowed to be part of this show.”

The plus-size model has been committed to diversity and body positivity in the fashion world for years. “Thank you for taking great care at this show and having as many different types of women as possible and showing that beauty occurs in many ways. I could never have imagined how it would feel to be pregnant on a catwalk But it was really an honor for us to be here! “

Ashley walked the cement catwalk in towering heels. According to her it was a miracle that she did not fall, because the road was not smooth.

The model announced last summer that she is pregnant. She did that on a special day for her and her husband Justin Ervin: 14 August. It was then exactly nine years ago that they got married.