Ashley Graham, 32, is expecting a baby. American model plus-size gave a frank interview , in which he told about his attitude to the intimate side of life.

The brunette is not at all shy of her curvaceous forms , she encourages girls to love themselves in any weight and with any appearance. The star dresses up frankly. In her judgments, she also adheres to extreme frankness.

The model said , as it relates to sex. “My husband and I try to make love more often , because it raises the mood and affects the general tone of life. I feel happier , more energetic and more active , I don’t want to hide it, ”Ashley shared with the American version of ELLE magazine .

Ashley Graham and her 31-year-old husband Justin Erwin have lived together for nine years. Only recently did they realize that they were ready to become parents. Lovers did not hide the upcoming addition in the family.

Ashley recently showed effective exercise for pregnant women. The model tried on a sconce Kim Kardashian. Previously, she wore a seductive brand outfit Emily Ratakovsky.