In the case of an earthquake in Papua New Guinea, dozens of deaths may have occurred. According to the local newspaper Post Courier, the death toll is estimated to be at least thirty.

The quake of yesterday had a force of 7.5. The most damage is in the provinces of Hela and Southern Highlands. There, according to the local authorities, more than 300 wounded. Houses and other buildings were also damaged.

A provincial executive speaks to news agency AP of a disruptive situation. He says he has not experienced such a major disaster before. Due to the earthquake, the power in the area has dropped and the internet and telephone traffic are flat. The provincial government communicates with the disaster area via satellite telephones.

There have been several aftershocks and the government expects that for the coming days as well. The quake also caused sinkholes and landslides, which closed roads. Air traffic has been disrupted because half of the runway at Komo Airport has been damaged.