Pop Smoke and the posthumous deluxe album arrive in a few days, we will find Gucci Mane there!

The Pop Smoke team has no time! The posthumous album “Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon” released on July 3, already has its deluxe version scheduled in a few days .

Indeed, the Rap Caviar Instagram account shared a teasing video of the project announcing its very upcoming release. This video, made with archive images of Pop Smoke in the studio or on stage with the song “The Woo” in the background , ends with a Spotify logo and the date of July 20. Rap Caviar adds in the caption: “MONDAY. Pop Smoke’s deluxe album with 15 new tracks. Want to see the feat?”

A very significant date because July 20 is the birthday of the rapper from New York, who died last February. Pop Smoke would have been 21 years old and therefore the official majority in the USA on Monday . 

His manager,  Steven Victor, shared the teaser in his Instagram story, confirming that July 20 is the date the deluxe version will be released. Moreover, he had already announced the thing with a publication of a photo of his call with 50 Cent which lasted more than an hour and he said: “Tell 50 Cent to approve the video and the deluxe version, the 20th is in 5 days. “

Fifty quickly replied to this post by advancing that he was waiting for the verse from Gucci Mane: “The deluxe version is coming, stop hurrying. Gwuapo ???????? ‍♂️ where’s your p **** * verse ???? I’m going to get you out of the project, go to work and finish this. ” 

Things seem to be clearing up, but in an uncertain way. We hope all the same that the project will be released this Monday, July 20 to pay a last tribute to Pop Smoke.