The singer of R & B would have made a “pact” with her girlfriends, her lawyer is furious ….

The police came in emergency to R. Kelly’s apartment in the Trump Tower in Chicago, following an alarmist call. According to the person who notified the rescue, the interpreter of I Believe I Can Fly would have made a “suicide pact” with the young women who share his life in case things went wrong for him. Which is more the case right now.

He is indicted for aggravated sexual assault on four young women, three of whom were minors at the time of the crime. He has just spent a few days in jail for non-payment of the alimony he owes to his ex-wife and their three children. New sex-taps apparently showing him having sex with a 13-year-old have also been brought to justice. The star is so far from the top of his career where he surpasses the charts, whether with his own music or his compositions for others, like Michael Jackson for whom he wrote, among others, You Are Not Alone (1995).

Everything is fine

Once there, the police could only see that everything was fine for the indicted. “The police, on the spot, did an audit to make sure everything was okay and this incident is not serious,” the Chicago police said in a statement to People .