It’s probably one of the biggest players of his generation, but by accumulating the scandals, Johnny Depp could well be ousted from Hollywood. 

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 would be in negotiations but could the interpreter of Jack Sparrow be absent from the saga of which he is the star? At court for violence on another film, Amber Heard’s ex-risk of being removed from the film by Disney?
Pirates of the Caribbean 6 in preparation

Despite the mixed success of Pirates of the Caribbean: the Vengeance of Salazar , a sixth album should see the day. The site Geeks Worldwide revealed that the original screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio are already working on the script. The duo would have even been joined to the writing by Jeff Nathanson, who participated in the scenario of the fifth part. On the production side, Joachim Rønning, director of the fifth film, will be hired again.

On the other hand, it is rumored that Johnny Depp might not be part of the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 . Why ? Because Jack Sparrow’s interpreter was accused of violence by a member of the technical crew of the movie City of Lies , in which he plays a police officer investigating the murders of Tupac and Notorious BIG.

But without Johnny Depp?

As reported by The Guardian , the man named Greg “Rocky” Brooks explained that Johnny Depp verbally abused him before punching him twice in the face and ribs. The release of the feature film, which was announced on September 7 in the United States, was even canceled following this case.

Not to mention that the actor is also pursued by two former bodyguards he would not pay and whose lives he would have endangered as reminded Times of India . Johnny Depp had also been accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife Amber Heard and would have problems with debts and addictions. 

Recently, Disney showed a great firmness by turning James Gunn , the director of the Guardians of the galaxy , for tweets moved despite the support of the actors . So in front of all these scandals around the one who marked the spectators with notably Cry-Baby , Edward with the hands of money , Las Vegas Paranoor Neverland , it would not be so amazing to see Disney away from the suite of Pirates of the Caribbean .

The producer did not see the film without him

But a Pirates of the Caribbean 6 without Johnny Depp is it possible? The producer of art movies, Jerry Bruckheimer, Depp had defended last year, when he was already in full descent into hell. He told Digital Spy : “The secret of any franchise is to choose talented people, and Johnny is the key to the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean.He is a unique character, he is so endearing and so irreverent at the same time” . The film without Jack Sparrow? “I do not see it,” he said.

While waiting to know if he changed his mind or not about Johnny Depp, know that you will soon find the star on the big screen. He has resumed his role as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Animals 2 , theatrically released on November 14th.