In July, the media shocked many fans of Bond, reporting that the role of the new agent 007 in the future will be played by black actress Lashana Lynch. The audience was divided, and reporters turned for comment to former James Bond Pierce Brosnan. And he thought that the world was ready to see a woman at the head of the popular franchise.

We looked at male agents for the last forty years. So, guys, out of the way, and let the woman prove herself. I think it will be exciting and exciting

– said the actor to The Hollywood Reporter.

Brosnan played James Bond for four films and for many remained his favorite agent 007. And although Pierce fully supports the idea of ​​replacing the main character with a heroine, he is not sure that this will happen in the near future.

I don’t think this will happen while the franchise is controlled by Barbara Broccoli and Michael J. Wilson,

– the actor complained.

A couple of months ago, the Daily Mail reported that Lashan Lynch would appear in the upcoming film “No Time to Die,” where he would become 007’s new agent, while Daniel Craig’s hero would retire. In his interview with The Guardian, broccoli reassured everyone who was dissatisfied, explaining that James Bond was and will be a man:

The bond was registered by a man and will remain him. We do not need to turn male heroes into women. It is much better to create more original heroines and present them with relevant stories.

Whatever fate awaits the franchise, one thing is certain – in the anniversary film about Bond, the audience will say goodbye to Daniel Craig. The premiere of the film “There is no time to die” will be held on April 9, 2020.