Peter Jackson  has embarked on a new saga adaptation, Mortal Engines, and the first teaser is out today.

That’s it,  Peter Jackson seems to have moved on. After six films in Middle-earth, the New Zealander radically changes world and launches the adaptation of the four-volume book series Mortal Engines, a post-apocalyptic saga by Philip Reeve in which cities are motorized to escape ecological disasters and literally devour each other to grow.

 Producer and screenwriter with his faithful  Philippa Boyens  and  Fran Walsh , Peter Jackson does not make the film, however widely sold on name. This is  Christian Rivers, special effects, which is in charge for his first test as director. No surprise in this collaboration: Rivers is credited almost all the films of Peter Jackson of  Braindead to the trilogy of  Hobbit through  King Kong.

The film should  focus on unknown heads as the main roles will be held by  Hera Hilmar(briefly seen in The Fifth Power and Anna Karenina, as well as in the trailer you just saw) and  Robert Sheehan (discovered in  Misfits, seen in  MoonwalkersGeostorm and also Mute in 2018). We should still find a little more familiar heads with  Stephen Lang (the nasty villain of Avatar ) and  Hugo Weaving (Elrond inThe Lord of the Rings ).

But to discover all this will be patient:  Mortal Engines is released December 12, 2018.

Meanwhile, Peter Jackson gives no news of a Tintin movie, despite the promise of an adaptation of the Temple of the Sun announced at the time of Tintin’s Adventures: The Secret of the Unicorn.