Netflix has released a new season of David Letterman’s show called “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”, and the heroine of the next episode is singer Billie Eilish.

The main topic of conversation was life with Tourette’s syndrome – Billy was diagnosed with this nervous breakdown when she was 11 years old. Billy spoke about her diagnosis in 2018, at the peak of her popularity, when fans noticed some unusual moments of her behavior on stage, and the singer had to explain what was happening to her. During a conversation with Letterman, Billy just had a tic – this is one of the symptoms of a congenital genetic disorder: those suffering from Tourette’s syndrome can repeatedly experience motor and sound tics during the day.

Most often, people’s reaction is laughter, because they think that I’m just fooling around. This makes me incredibly angry.

— admitted the singer.

According to her, tics are far from always noticeable, but “very exhausting” – for example, during a conversation, her jaw or arm muscles can reduce, but the interlocutor will not pay attention to this.

If you shoot me for a long time, you will see many ticks,

— said the star to the journalist. Billy says he doesn’t mind discussing his problem publicly because “it’s an interesting topic” and Tourette’s syndrome is much more common than it might seem:

It’s funny that so many people suffer from this, which you would not even think of,

– Eilish said, adding that among her colleagues in show business she has many acquaintances with the same diagnosis, but they do not want to draw attention to their disorder.