Last night, the actress was awarded the most honorable award at the San Sebastian Film Festival – the Donostia Prize.

Since 1986, the Donostia Award has been awarded annually to actors and directors for outstanding personal achievements and special contribution to the cinema. In the list of winners who received an honorary statuette at different times, Penelope became the youngest laureate.

In the hall, the actress appeared in an outfit corresponding to the solemn moment – a white Chanel dress decorated with feathers. On stage, the award Penelope Cruz was presented by the famous musician and singer, 59-year-old Bono.

Penelope’s life on the screen fascinates me because it’s a real family drama,”the singer said, and then he got up on his knee and kissed the winner’s hand.

Cruz appreciated the beautiful gesture of her longtime friend and after a second she herself repeated it, falling to Bono’s hand. To the laughter and applause of the audience, of course.

But the winner’s speech turned out to be much more serious. Accepting this award, Cruz spoke out against domestic violence against women in Spain and around the world. She mentioned that since 2003, more than a thousand women have died in Spain alone.

How many more will there be in the world? When will women find that incredible power to openly declare that they live in such a situation? Hope this doesn’t happen too late for them, – said Penelope from the scene.

Cruz dedicated the award to her parents, children, husband Javier Bardem and the three directors with whom she worked: Pedro Almodovar, Bigas Luna and Fernando Trueba.