Not Armenia, but Colombia.

Actress Penelope Cruz posted on her Instagram account a photo of herself in front of a yellow-blue-red flag. Suddenly, in the comments, a discussion arose about whom the actress supports in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and how she will answer the question “Whose is Karabakh?” A misunderstanding arose due to the fact that someone thought that the actress starred in front of the Armenian flag, whose colors are red, blue, orange.

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We are #The355

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The actress had to explain that she was filmed against the background of the Colombian flag. And this is the poster for the upcoming spy movie 355, in which she plays Colombian Graciela. However, this did not calm the disputants, the abuse in the comments under her post continued.

The conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh has been going on for 30 years. The region inhabited mainly by Armenians is part of Azerbaijan, but all these years it has been dreaming of joining Armenia. The territorial dispute escalated on September 27 when both sides used military force.

The film “355” tells the story of a group of female super agents who unite to protect the world from a secret organization that has fallen into the hands of a powerful new weapon capable of destroying all of humanity.