Fans are confident that the company’s management adheres to double standards.

Recently, the Disney studio announced the termination of the contract with the actress Gina Carano, who plays one of the central roles in the series “The Mandalorian”. The reason for the breakup was the actress’s posts on social networks, where she compared the murder of Jews during the Holocaust with the current political climate in the United States. Lucasfilm called the post “disgusting and unacceptable.”

But attentive netizens discovered an old post by another project participant – Pedro Pascal. In 2018, he shared an image of Germany in 1944 and captioned the photo, noting that this is America today. Fans lashed out at the company, claiming that they were acting hypocritically towards female actresses who were not allowed what their male counterparts were allowed to do.

“Disney re-hired James Gunn, but fired Gina Carano,” said right-wing commentator Jack Posobets. He was referring to a director who was fired in 2018 for abusive jokes on social media, but returned to work a year later.

In addition, there is a movement on Twitter to unsubscribe from Disney + due to company policy. Now users are waiting for a response from the studio – whether Jina will be returned to work or measures will be taken against Pascal.