PayPal would be on the verge of buying Pinterest, discussions would be well underway.

In the tech world, like everywhere else, business acquisitions are very common. Most are passed over in silence. The bigger ones, on the other hand, quickly become public. We learn that the giant PayPal is eyeing Pinterest . Here is what we know or think we know.

PayPal is said to be on the verge of buying Pinterest

PayPal is probably best known for being a platform that allows users to send and receive money. They can also shop at online merchants and use PayPal to facilitate payments. That being said, it seems that the American giant is looking to expand, or at least to diversify its activities somewhat, to offer more than this payment platform.

If several reports from Reuters and Bloomberg are to be believed, it appears that PayPal is in the process of finalizing the final details about a possible acquisition of Pinterest for the impressive sum of $ 45 billion. In any case, this would be a strange acquisition for PayPal since, on the surface at least, Pinterest is not really the type of company that PayPal could take over.

Discussions would be well underway

However, given the growing popularity of social commerce, with more and more social platforms allowing their users to shop directly on the platform, PayPal might want its piece of the pie. What’s more, as Engadget points out, Pinterest is a relatively safe buy, as the company has avoided the scandals and other disinformation campaigns that other platforms like Facebook have had to endure in recent years.

No one knows at the moment when this agreement could be finalized, if it ever has to be, so we will have to wait to find out. If the transaction were to go through, we can imagine that PayPal will let Pinterest operate as it does now. However, we should expect to see PayPal more integrated into the platform. To be continued !