Oprah Winfrey stole the idea for series Greenleaf from a scriptwriter and a pastor. That is what those two claim in documents that they filed on Thursday at a court in California.


Greenleaf is a family drama about a pastor who runs a mega-church in Memphis. The same idea was discussed by the duo in 2014 with a team from the Winfrey television channel,  OWN.

In Greenleaf the characters would even have the same names as in the idea of Shannan Wynn and pastor Lester Barrie. One of the enemies of the protagonist of Greenleaf, Pastor Basie, would be named after the pastor from whom they would have stolen the idea.

The two complain about the channel for, among other things, plagiarism and breach of contract. They demand a few tons and a ban on OWN to continue with the series.