Paris Jackson (22) will always keep up for her father Michael. The late King of Pop has been charged with child abuse several times, but according to his daughter, they are all lies. This is evident from a previously unseen interview from 2012.

“He’s innocent and was always a sweetheart”

Michael’s daughter made clear in 2012 how she feels about the claims that her father was a child molester. “Many people were jealous of him,” said Paris when she was 14 in the never-seen interview. “They do everything they can to bring him down with rumors or lawsuits. Everyone wants something from him. I will always defend him.” Paris spoke in the interview about the allegations that her childhood friend Gavin Arvizo made about her father. 

In 2005, Michael was charged with child abuse by Gavin, but he was acquitted in court. “My dad said there are a lot of bad people out there,” said 14-year-old Paris. “The older I get, the more I understand that.” According to her, “nobody” really knew her father. “He was very normal. I would describe him as a pigeon … He is innocent and was always a sweetheart.” 

Paris has never responded to the sexual assault claim surrounding her father. Wade Robson and James Safechuck released the documentary Leaving Neverland last year , but Michael’s team has always maintained his innocence. “He was fantastic,” concludes Paris in the interview. “He was so kind. Truly the sweetest man ever.”