Paris Jackson has changed! Now 19, Michael Jackson’s daughter is going to be talked about in 2018 as she is going to star in the movies. The magazines are already tearing and his last cover might surprise you since it is completely unrecognizable.

Paris Jackson is no longer a little girl. The starlet who moved the world at her father’s funeral in 2009 has grown and proved it again.

Paris Jackson unrecognizable

After many years in the shadows and attempted suicide, Paris Jackson has returned to the forefront. In addition to stringing up the appearances on the red carpet, she also links the photoshoots: she made the front page of L’Uomo de Vogue, the Italian version dedicated to men of the famous fashion magazine. And the least we can say is that she is unrecognizable with her hair clipped back and her makeup very smoky. It almost looks like Cara Delevingne!


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While everyone wants it in the world of fashion, Paris Jackson will soon turn to another passion: cinema. She is in the cast of the Gringo film directed by Nash Edgerton in which we find David Oyelowo, Joel Edgerton, Amanda Seyfried or Charlize Theron and will be released in March 2018. The beginning of a long career? We hope so!