Michael Jackson’s daughter did not stop in praise of Paris Hilton, saying that she experienced similar things to her.

Paris Jackson recently sat down to discuss her experiences at Utah boarding school and how they compared to Paris Hilton.

Jackson spoke during her People magazine interview and was quoted as saying, “I absolutely adore her [Paris Hilton]. I admire your strength. She is incredibly smart, incredibly funny. It’s really nice to have someone there who has been on the court. “

“She has done this for a long time and is clearly very good at maneuvering in the industry. Nice to know that I can call her when I come to a crossroads. We have many similar experiences. “

Michael Jackson’s daughter also added that she experienced some “very, very similar experiences” to Hilton during her time at boarding school.

“I went through very, very similar experiences with those kinds of teen places. She’s been through a lot and it’s amazing to see her come out the other side… a diamond. “

“[Pris Hilton has taught me] the importance of setting a good example as a strong woman and being able to lift other women up. We don’t really have as big an advantage as some men. “