Socialite Paris Hilton and actor Chris Zylka will marry later this year and will do so under marital conditions.

This confirms the couple to the TMZ entertainment site .

“I am a decent man who is going to marry a rich and successful businesswoman, but I would not be decent if I did not mention the marital conditions in the first place”, according to 32-year-old Zylka. “But this information should actually remain private.”

According to Hilton, the two remain “forever together”, meaning that the marital conditions are not really necessary. 

The 37-year-old socialite has an estimated capacity of 1.3 billion euros. That of Leftovers- actor Zylka is not known, but this will be significantly less than that of his future wife.

He asked Hilton early this year during a ski holiday in Aspen to marry, with a ring that is said to be worth about $ 2 million. Hilton previously said she had no idea when she was getting married. “It’s going to happen this year.”