Justin Bieber

Bad news for Justin Bieber (28). The singer is being sued by a paparazzo photographer, who believes that Justin unlawfully used one of his photos on his Instagram account. The photographer, Josiah Kamau, wants Justin to pay him for publishing the photo he took of him and his wife Hailey, 25, without crediting Kamau. This reports ‘Radar’.

“Kamau believes that as a maker he should have received at least credit for this or an amount of ownership rights to the photo in question”

Josiah is suing the singer in the central district court of the US state of California. “Kamau has been substantially disadvantaged due to Bieber’s negligence. In addition, he has actually earned himself from this photo, which the photographer has not seen a cent of. The snapshot shows Justin and Hailey in New York and that photo was viewed by more than 1.8 million followers ‘liked’ on Instagram. Kamau believes that as a maker he should have received at least credit for that or an amount of property rights in the photo in question.”

Justin was also recently involved in a case against two women who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by him. The Canadian singer strongly denied this and in turn sued the two women again. In the end, Justin’s lawyer asked for the case to be dropped because there was no evidence. Later, the ladies confessed to “never met” Justin, which immediately proved the innocence of the singer.