Pamela Anderson did expect the Swedish prosecutor to reopen the investigation into possible sexual misconduct by Julian Assange. “I’m not surprised,” tweets the former Baywatch actress, who visited the Wikileaks founder in prison last week.

“He has done nothing wrong”

“The Swedish prosecutor keeps closing and reopening the investigation while it is full of irregularities,” said 51-year-old blonde about Assange, who is accused by two women of assault and rape. The Australian has always contradicted the accusations. The charge expired in 2017.

Assange is currently stuck in London. The British authorities took him from the Ecuadorian embassy in London in April. He had been hiding there for seven years to prevent him from being sent to Sweden. The Swedish prosecutor says that the circumstances make it possible for Assange to be extradited to Sweden. Furthermore, the United States also asked for his extradition. There he risks a five-year jail sentence for leaking secret government documents on his Wikileaks website.

Pam already expressed her support for Assange during her visit last week. The actress then said that he does not belong in a heavily guarded prison. “He has done nothing wrong, he is an innocent person.”