American star Pamela Anderson took advantage of a break in the preparation of “Dance with the Stars” to defend the animal cause. During an event in Paris, she took her dance partner Maxime Dereymez to denounce.

She swapped Dance with the stars, the time of a lightning operation against a backdrop of political denunciation. Hollywood star Pamela Anderson and environmentalist Yannick Jadot, among others, let themselves be locked in a cage in Paris on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 to denounce the mistreatment of farm animals and support a European petition unveiled by the CIWF association.

” I live in France recently but the animal welfare touches me wherever I am, ” testified the American actress from the Republic Square. ” No one can stand being caged for more than a few minutes while these animals live there all their lives, it’s inhumane, I do not understand how humans can be so cruel, ” added footballer Adil Rami’s darling.

In front of thirty people, Pamela Anderson, dressed in a blue striped dress, took the break behind bars with Maxime Dereymez, his partner in Dance with the Stars, holding together small signs including one on which was written: ” More than 300 million animals are caged in Europe each year “. It is also explained that ” in France, 69% of hens, 99% of sows and 97% of rabbits are reared in cages “.


” We need a million signatures in one year in seven Member States to end animal suffering, ” said Leopoldine Charbonneaux, director of CIWF (Compassion in World Farming). ” A life in a cage is a life of suffering Ending the cages will shake an industrial farm that is neither sustainable nor morally acceptable and represents an economic aberration, ” she denounced, while activists handed badges and leaflets to passersby. The petition, launched Wednesday as a European Citizens Initiative (ECI), is supported by more than 130 NGOs such as the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation, SPA or PETA. If the petition is successful, the European Commission will have to take a formal position to abolish the

Before leaving the Republic Square, Pamela Anderson gave a layer in front of the public. ” You have to be careful about your food, your clothes, your way of life, we can not trust governments, we can only rely on ourselves.” In general, when it comes to well-being animals, the subject arrives last because they do not speak, that’s why I’m wearing their voice, we have to sign the petition,“she said, before leaving the place.